Monthly Archives: January 2015

More than four years after my dad’s passing, my mother has finally decided to sell our house. On my last visit in December, I noticed that time has taken its toll on the building’s facade and our garden. For the first time in my life, I looked at the premises with a sense of melancholy that I tried to capture in a series called “For Sale”.

IMG_4996IMG_4950 framed IMG_4979IMG_4971IMG_5124 IMG_5087 IMG_5048 IMG_5043 IMG_5032 IMG_5015 IMG_5012 IMG_5008 For Sale




Pour the champagne in my hands, darling.

I’ll watch them fill.

I’ll hold them steady and try not to spill


Yet these knuckles will bruise over time

and skin will graze

and teeth will touch

and time and time again.


These nights will polish our veins

for future grudges to come

and as time takes its toll

and time and time again


we’ll realize,

it all stains.